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Fluent Confidence

Attain fluency and confidence for success in work and global interactions.

Tailored Learning

Our courses align with your goals and are adjusted to your abilities.

Global Communication

Choose the time you would like to study, whether it’s during the day or night. 

English for Life

Gain confidence in efficient communication in a variety of life occasions, such as travel, relocation, and professional interactions.

General English Conversation Course

English for Young Learners

Through lessons appropriate for their ages, engage youth in developing an established foundation in English language abilities. 

Children's English Course Курс Английского для Детей Англійська для Дітей

English for IT

Break down language barriers, expand your technical vocabulary, and land your ideal career in the IT business. 

Business English Course Курс Делового Английского Языка Курс Ділової Англійської Мови Business English Conversation Course Курс Разговорного Делового Английского Курс Розмовної Ділової Англійської Мови

English for Business

Improve your business communication abilities so you are successful in professional situations, negotiations, and networking.

Business English Course Курс Делового Английского Языка Business English Conversation Course Курс Разговорного Делового Английского Курс Розмовної Ділової Англійської Мови

TOEIC - IELTS - TOEFL Preparation

Equip yourself with the knowledge and techniques you’ll need to ace the TOEIC, IELTS, and TOEFL tests. 

TOEFL IELTS TOEIC Exam Preparation


You Can Study on a Computer or Tablet

Uninterrupted Internet Access

1 hour of Your Time for the Lesson


Our Happy Students!

We are dedicated to helping our students achieve their goals. 

"I'm really impressed with this school! The specialized courses aren't just the usual stuff; they really take you beyond the basics. Plus, they use the Oxford series, which adds some real depth to the learning experience. I'd definitely recommend it!"

"My kid loves the English classes here! The activities are fun, and the teachers are dedicated, making learning both enjoyable and effective."

"This school is genuinely committed to making sure students succeed. The courses tailored for business and IT professionals helped me move up in my career."

"I love the positive environment they create for young learners. The teachers make language learning enjoyable, and my kids are genuinely excited about it."

"The teachers here are fantastic. They actively encourage and support students, creating a great learning atmosphere. I've seen real progress in my child's language skills."

"I signed up to improve my English for academic purposes, and the courses surpassed my expectations. The Oxford materials provided a solid foundation."

"The curriculum really focuses on global communication. It helped me improve my language skills for travel, making my trips more enjoyable."

"As an IT professional, the tailored course was just what I needed. Now, I navigate English effortlessly at work, thanks to the practical and industry-specific content."

"They know how to make language learning fun! My child not only excels in English but has developed a genuine interest in the language."

"This school was a game-changer for my career. The business-oriented courses gave me the skills I needed to stand out in the corporate world."

"The teachers are dedicated and passionate. They really guide students towards success in every class."

"I enrolled to prepare for standardized tests, and the courses significantly improved my test-taking skills. I actually passed with flying colors!"

"The language exercises in the Oxford series were challenging but enjoyable. They played a big role in improving my language proficiency."

"The academic support here is outstanding. Whether you're going for higher education or advancing your career, the courses are tailored to your goals."

"They really make you love learning English. It's not just about language skills; it's about building a lifelong appreciation."

"The environment for children is top-notch. My kids are excited about their English classes, and I've noticed real progress in their communication skills."

"The courses surprised me with their practicality. I applied what I learned in the workplace, and it made a real difference in my day-to-day tasks."

"The teachers are more than educators; they're mentors. Their guidance goes beyond the curriculum, making the learning experience truly enriching."

"I enrolled my child to give them a head start in effective communication. The emphasis on language development at an early age is setting a strong foundation for their future."

"This school is committed to creating proficient English communicators. The courses not only teach language skills but also instill confidence for real-world applications."

О нас Ally Lingua Про Нас Ally Lingua About Us Ally Lingua

About Us

Welcome to Ally Lingua!

At Ally Lingua, we assist people of all ages and language proficiency levels in enhancing their English language skills. Our flexible and high-quality online courses allow you to learn at your own pace and from anywhere. With the help of our experienced team of native language instructors and bilingual teachers, you’ll be able to master the English language for personal and professional development.

Join us today and discover the opportunities that English language proficiency can unlock for you! 


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Personalize your learning journey with our adaptable pricing model. Prices are influenced by key factors: 

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Choose how often you want to study per week.

Instructor Preference

Select whether your teacher will be a native English speaker or a bilingual speaker.

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Identify your preferred class format: individual instruction or group learning.

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Determine the type and level of English you want to learn.

Our transparent pricing ensures both flexibility and affordability. Connect with us for personalized pricing options that align with your unique goals and preferences.